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How to make large artificial trees?

If you have ever been to any flower or craft store, you may have seen some large trees are there for decorating; yes they are large artificial trees.

They are generally handmade and used for decorating, but it will be expensive to buy a large artificial tree for your home.

What about making them by you? It will not be as expensive as it cost to buy and also it is not very difficult to make an artificial tree by you.

large artificial tree

So, How can you make it?, We will discuss about the same in this article, Do read this article to the last, In which i am going to tell you step by step about how you can make your own artificial tree.


Gather all the materials, You can take small tree branches from your backyard or purchase it from craft or specialty shops, You will also need a sealer if you are using your own tree branches otherwise they will dry out and become very brittle, beside this you need a big strong pot, stems of greenery, a drill, cement and spray insulation.


Clean the branches and seal it, if you are using your own tree limbs then clean them by scraping off all the loose bark after that you can spray them with the sealer, the best kinds of branches are to use birch or ficus branches because they don’t have much bark to clean off.


Add some weight to the pot in which you are making your artificial tree, without adding weight on the bottom of the pot your artificial tree will be heavy and it will fall down. Little pebbles or stones are ideal for adding weight but also you can use rocks and other heavy materials as long as they are small and fit inside the pot but beware of a thing that the weight you are adding should be proportional to the height and size of the tree.


Spray the pot and insert your limbs in it. Before putting the branches or limbs in the pot, cover the inside of pot with spray insulation. As it will grow up then you can put the limbs in and situate them in the way you like them, Hold the limbs still as the spray insulation closed in around them. The insulation will hold them in place once it gets settled. If still there is any space between the limb and the insulation once it sets, you can put some more insulation in the hole to fill it.


Now drill holes in the stalks, this is where you create your tree as you want it to be. If you have made the picture clear in your mind then start drilling holes where you think branches would look best and also make sure the holes are just big enough for the stems of the leaves and contact glue to go on, Even if the holes are found too small then you can use a hammer and nail to widen them.

Also, make sure that the holes are drilled in a downward angle which ensures that your branches have room to arch and look natural. Also when drilling your holes beware of drilling them close together so your tree is nice and full only just make sure they shouldn’t be too close or the wood will split.

Also when you get to the top of your limb or stalk, make sure you drill a hole in the top center so you can put leaves at the top as well.


Insert the stems of greenery and put each end of the branches into the contact cement then place them in the hole, the glue you are using should dry enough in about 15 seconds so you can hold it in place until it sets. Once you have reached the top of your artificial tree, place a bunch of branches in the center letting them arc in a downward and outward way, Which will complete the look of the tree which seem more natural.


Cover your insulation because the tree does not look complete until you cover the ugly color of the spray insulation, for this you can use Spanish moss or anything else you think would look nice.

By following these 7 important steps you can make your own artificial tree for your house and use it for decorating.

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